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With socials designed, developed, and optimised by a dedicated social media marketing agency, get ready for brand awareness like you’ve never seen.

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Reach your audience where they are—and drive real business growth


The social media marketing agency to cultivate your brand identity

By enhancing your audience engagement and boosting your brand awareness, together we can build a community around your business, nurturing a loyal following eager to see what’s new with your brand. And with detailed performance reporting and analysis, we can discover how your audience responds to your content, then weave that knowledge into future campaigns.


Our specialists will assess your existing social media strategy, evaluating the quality and performance of your content. This enables us to tailor a social marketing plan to steer your business in the right direction.


Our 4-steppixated process


After analysing which platforms will be most impactful for your brand, we’ll either strategise around the channels you’re already using or expand your reach onto other platforms.


Our 4-steppixated process


Together we’ll create a detailed content calendar, scheduling high-quality content to transform your brand into a reliable and regular voice on your customers’ socials.


Our 4-steppixated process


We’ll continually run analytics to feed back on what’s working, what could be better, and what new tricks we’ve got up our sleeve. By tweaking your social content according to audience engagement, we refine your brand voice while engaging and delighting your ever-growing audience.


Our 4-steppixated process

4 key benefits of using a social media marketing agency

We get it. It’s one thing knowing that social media is crucial for your brand—but it’s a whole other matter when the C suite wants to know why you’ve upped investment in social media marketing. No worries—we’ve got you. Here’s a handy little cheat sheet you can use as your go-to resource the next time the CEO comes knocking:

Improved brand awareness

With a professional social media presence, you accelerate the growth of your brand recognition—and this effect then perpetuates itself. Don’t hang around, though: right now the competition is optimising its social media presence for its audience—and for your audience, too.


Lower marketing costs

Social media marketing is the most cost-effective form of advertising—because social platforms are free. With a social media marketing agency, you significantly increase your conversion rates and ROI, meaning you can allocate more of your ad spend elsewhere.


Better customer experience

When you engage with your audience and have a consistent social media presence, your customers trust that their feedback is valued, and that there will always be something new to see on your page. And the more communication you sustain with your audience, the more conversions you’ll see.


Greater brand loyalty

When your brand has a strong social media presence, customers can find and connect with you more easily, leading to higher customer retention and loyalty. And promoting your brand is only the beginning—then you can show off its personality, such as with messaging tailored to your desired audience.

What we’ll deliver

StrategyOur strategic thinking isn’t just based on your audience—it also takes into account the unpredictable landscape you operate in, and our strategy team is ready to help you pivot with cultural shifts right as they unfold. Each and every one of our strategists is dedicated to making your social vision for your brand a reality—and getting your business where it deserves to be.

Creative and productionOur social media team wields an incredible range of talents, turning their hand to copywriting, photography, art direction, illustration and videography, both long-form and short-form. We don’t just create disconnected social media posts—we build a story around your brand that spans your entire cross-channel presence.

Media and distributionBy getting the right content in front of the right people, you become an integral character in their own social story. That’s why we work with both mainstream and niche platforms and formats, ensuring you reach as wide an audience as possible while never compromising on content quality. With capabilities in social commerce and paid media planning and management, we know what your customers want—even if they don’t yet know it themselves.

InfluencersInfluencer marketing is a ridiculously effective way of connecting with your audience in brand-new ways. By identifying and reaching out to content creators who share your values, drive and personality, we help you cast a wider net than ever and build unprecedented brand loyalty. And that’s only the beginning—because then we’ll help you collaborate with your influencers, monitor the performance of your campaigns, and feed back with granular analytics and actionable insights.

Social media managementCrafting a winning social marketing strategy is only half the battle. We will actively engage your social audience with exciting and surprising content, generating conversation, traffic and brand awareness. And as a social media marketing agency, we can manage your entire social strategy, mediating your growing community and listening to what they have to say.

Success pixatedstories

Our social media marketing service is known for helping brands have their voice heard through forward-thinking content and disruptive strategising. But don’t just take our word for it—see how our social media marketing service has transformed brand awareness for companies spanning all sorts of industry.

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Absolutely! Producing a detailed rundown of your upcoming social posts organised by date and time is a pivotal aspect of social media marketing. Whether you want a spreadsheet, digital calendar or interactive dashboard, we’ll tailor your content calendar to your needs, ensuring regular high-impact engagement with your audience all year round.

It all begins with getting to know your audience. By taking a deep dive into your analytics and current social following, we’ll grow that all-important knowledge of what kind of content is going to resonate most. Then we’ll explore a myriad of subjects to produce content around, both topical and evergreen, before brainstorming around what form that content might take and setting deadlines for its delivery according to your social media content calendar.

Our in-house social media marketers leverage a vast range of tools and techniques to boost our clients’ visibility and build out their audiences. First we ensure your brand has a distinctive aesthetic so users recognise your content immediately, then designate particular types of content for each of your channels. For example, while your thought leadership pieces will be best placed on LinkedIn, your memes and UGC will be far better suited to Facebook, TikTok or Instagram. Then we’ll strategise around your content’s promotion and sharing, repurposing high-value assets for each of your platforms where necessary. Throughout all of this we’ll be continually assessing your audience analytics, seeing what content is resonating with who and quickly adapting it accordingly.

Yep! Our in-house specialists use social media monitoring tools which can save you a huge amount of time, freeing you up from having to constantly stop what you’re doing to comment on or manage online conversations about your brand. That’s a weight off your mind!

Sure. Every audience is different—their tastes, preferences and behaviours vary dramatically according to the brand, product or service. Nevertheless, many aspects of social media marketing ring true across pretty much every industry, every vertical, and our in-house specialists will give you step-by-step assistance in managing the community around your brand, and help you understand how best to engage with them across a multitude of platforms.

Our in-house social media marketers make a point of following a range of weekly blogs and newsletters from industry experts to ensure they’re well ahead of evolving trends in your industry, as well as any relevant upcoming algorithm changes.

For sure! We’re highly experienced at identifying and connecting with those content creators who we know would be the perfect fit for our clients. And we’ll help you track the performance of their campaigns for the duration, then make changes accordingly. It could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership!

Yes. We continually track your audience’s engagement and campaigns’ performance, and collate granular analytics which we leverage for your future campaigns. Moreover, you can check in on your analytics anytime, by simply logging in to your dashboard.

Our offering varies from client to client depending on their business goals and the health of their existing social media marketing strategy. We can work with you from start to finish, strategising from scratch around your social media objectives for your brand, before scheduling, creating, and managing your content and campaigns, tracking their performance, and utilising that data in future marketing. We’ve been providing this cyclical and comprehensive service to some clients for several years by this point!

Depending on your goals and audience, you probably want to focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or TikTok, although there’s plenty of room for Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and Quora, too!

We only track the metrics that demonstrate real and tangible growth to you, like traffic, reach, ROI, engagement, impressions, and response rate and time. We use custom reports, advanced tools and reporting dashboards to measure your success against the KPIs agreed to at the start of our partnership.

We ensure your social media platforms integrate seamlessly with their other marketing channels by adding sharing links, creating a social login option, bolstering their social media campaigns with email blasts, and implementing a whole host of other tactics designed to ensure a unified user experience across their entire online presence.

Our in-house marketers use your existing social media analytics to see what content your audience craves, such as by studying your top-performing posts—and then emulate those posts in the future. They also research what kind of content audiences like yours are drawn to. We may even reach out to your audience directly to ask what type of content they’d like to see in the future, such as via a poll.

We’ve helped a lot of businesses—but don’t just take our word for it

Our overall D2C sales have increased by 40%, yet our costs have decreased by 30%. Very impressed with the work Pixated have been doing behind the scenes to help us achieve that!
Pixated were hands-on and quick to respond. They communicated frequently and provided regular check-ins. I would definitely go back and use them again!
Pixated’s work has generated a big increase in our online conversions. We are particularly impressed with their professionalism and knowledge.
Pixated’s performance marketing support has led to a tenfold increase in business for our brand. The team have impressed us with their strong communication skills.
Daily reports from Pixated ensured that we could see the direct impact of their impressive work from day one.


Strong socials are the beating heart of a brand

As a social media marketing agency, we understand how vital it is to create entertaining, informative and engaging content if you want to build trust with your audience, generate leads, and improve conversions.

So whether your business is new to social media or you already have a solid omnichannel presence but need to crank it up a gear, our specialists will devise a holistic social strategy bespoke to your brand. Through exciting campaign executions, innovative content and relevant amplifications, we’ll increase your reach, CTR and impressions.

Doesn’t your brand deserve that kinda buzz?

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Where’s next for your brand?

No matter where you are in your marketing journey, our dazzling team of specialists will keep you moving, show you how to grow, and help you actualise the vision you’ve always secretly had for your brand.

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