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A stunning conversion-led website does a lot more than simply showcase your brand.

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Too many websites suffer from ‘Good idea, bad execution’

When you’ve put so much into perfecting your product or service, you don’t want to be let down by a shoddy website that turns potential customers off the moment they arrive. A poor website limits your brand’s reach, and can seriously undermine its reputation.

But with access to experienced hands-on support from a web development agency renowned for crafting ambitious and results-driven websites, you can enjoy an online presence that truly does your brand justice.

Few agencies are certified by Shopify, Webflow, Magento, Wix, Squarespace, Meta and Google. But we are—and that strongly positions us to establish your online business from the ground up. As our designers and developers get to know the intricacies of your company and what you need, they’ll commit to exceeding your user experience with market-leading creative web design.


How we design and develop a stunning website

Working with our specialist team, you’ll enjoy an elegant web design that converts through meticulous UI and UX. You can rest easy knowing the process will finish on time and on-budget—and that you’ll be delighted with the final product.

Success pixatedstories

We help startups and established businesses alike, whether their websites just need tidying up or demand a total reboot of their look and feel. But don’t just take our word for it—see how our web design service has transformed business and brand awareness for a vast array of companies.


As a digital design agency, we know you want style and substance, so first we’ll hold a consultation with you to take a deep dive into your objectives.


Our 4-steppixated process


Next we build out a raft of designs from scratch, then collaborate with you to see which will do your vision justice. It’s thanks to this approach that our average conversion rate uplift is an incredible 63%—and our average client’s growth is 278%!


Our 4-steppixated process


You can trust us to deliver remarkable results. That’s why countless brands have asked us to refresh their websites or create them entirely from scratch.


Our 4-steppixated process


With our post-launch support service, you’ll know our specialists are working behind the scenes to improve your website’s conversion rate, performance and user experience. And you’ll never feel abandoned once the work is done—we include a 30-day period as standard, during which you can reach out with your pressing questions and requests.


Our 4-steppixated process

Our 3-pledge guarantee for your website

You deserve a website-building process that’s simple, transparent and stress-free. Most web design and development companies can’t promise that. That’s why we guarantee your design project will be:


delivered on time


delivered on-budget


above and beyond your expectations

Get a branded website that’s uniquely and distinctively yours

You need a responsive web design that’s truly bespoke to your brand. Anything less would be pointless, right? But even more than that, you can trust us because we love building our clients websites that live up to the quality and individuality of their brands.


Our custom development process delivers one-of-a-kind digital designs that catch the eye and bring your brand to life.



Your website visitors will enjoy a meaningful and intuitive user experience, specially designed to build trust with your target audience.



With a gorgeous and intuitive website anchored in effortless navigation, your visitors will find their destination quickly and easily—and spend more time there upon arrival.



With a solution tailormade to your business, your website will soon be turning visitors into customers, giving them the digital experiences they desire—and driving them to act.


Make that killer first impression

Your website is the best opportunity you’ll ever get to blow your audience away. You don’t want to waste it with poor design and substandard development—especially since potential customers favour brands brave enough to go beyond their creative comfort zones.

Trusted by ourpixated clients


Your website is the ultimate representation of your brand: what you do, what you stand for, and where you’re going. It’s highly personal. You need to find a web design agency that understands what it means to you, and the importance of getting it right for your business.

Come up with a handful of agencies you like the look of, and check out websites they’ve built for companies similar to yours. If you like what you see, get in touch. Let them know your timeline and budget, then set up a call to discuss your project and outline your vision!

We ask clients for as much information as possible about their company. We need to know not only about your services, goals and values, but also about your culture and long-term plans for the business. It’s always good to have a blueprint of the website you’re envisaging, no matter how rudimentary—many clients like to go back to good old pencil and paper!

Meanwhile, we’ll need access to any imagery or video you’d like us to include, as well as to any of your branding, design or tone of voice documentation. That way we can emulate your unique brand personality as accurately as possible.

As much as you want to be! Some clients like to be hands-on, overseeing each stage to streamline the process and reduce the time needed for revisions at the end. Alternatively, once we have all the materials, information and access permissions we need, our specialists can build your whole website from scratch. Only when the first iteration is complete will you need to check in, either to request amends or to greenlight the site and prepare for launch. It’s entirely up to you!

You can check out a multitude of websites we’ve built for a wide range of clients over at our case studies!

Our fees depend on the time and complexity of your project. Once we know your design and development needs we can provide an accurate estimate.

Absolutely! It’s likely that the majority of your customers will be accessing your website primarily on mobile, so making it mobile-responsive is paramount. Our mobile-friendly designs mean your website looks spectacular no matter what device it’s accessed on, with simple yet eye-catching aesthetics, optimised imagery to improve page speed, and smartly positioned buttons and CTAs. It’s all about making your website a genuinely memorable experience, while ensuring users always know what to do and where to go.

Yes! We develop every website with the end user in mind, because we want to empower businesses with complete control over their online presence. We build every website with an easy-to-use backend system, which we provide training and guidance on before handing it over to you. We also offer 30 days of support free of charge as standard, so we’re there for you to help out with any questions or teething issues.

Your website is the first port of call for many customers, so it’s vital it shows off the very best of your brand and business. Our team will make sure your website is visually striking while remaining easy to navigate, and features the fonts, colours and imagery associated with your company, making your brand personality positively bounce off the page.

Absolutely. We don’t currently offer SEO as a standalone service, but we optimise your website for target keywords as standard. This ensures you’ve got all the roots laid for your website to flourish.

Yes. For WordPress sites we’re partnered with WP Engine, the leading provider of WordPress hosting. That means all your WordPress web hosting and maintenance needs are handled for you, including security.

For other CMSs we provide AWS hosting, with a dedicated server to meet your needs. All servers are located as close as possible to your main location and customer base.

All our web designs adhere to WCAG 2.0 standards. Where possible, our coding adheres to W3C standards. We can provide you with further accessibility tools if required.

It varies according to the size and complexity of your website, but on average you’re looking at anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks.

We work to understand what systems you need to integrate with and what functionality is required. We can manage integrations with most major third-party platforms. There may be some we can guide you through, or alternatively some we’d need to give you a quote for based on the documentation available to us. This will all be clarified before we start working on your project, to ensure your website is ready to go live upon completion of its development.

Absolutely! We have a talented team of writers and content managers in-house who love creating diverse and engaging content for all types of businesses.

We have ongoing maintenance contracts, so can fix bugs and manage your updates and security if you wish.

Yes. It’s our responsibility to ensure your website is safe and secure when we build it, and that it complies with all relevant data privacy regulations.

We’ve helped a lot of businesses—but don’t just take our word for it

Our overall D2C sales have increased by 40%, yet our costs have decreased by 30%. Very impressed with the work Pixated have been doing behind the scenes to help us achieve that!
Pixated were hands-on and quick to respond. They communicated frequently and provided regular check-ins. I would definitely go back and use them again!
Pixated’s work has generated a big increase in our online conversions. We are particularly impressed with their professionalism and knowledge.
Pixated’s performance marketing support has led to a tenfold increase in business for our brand. The team have impressed us with their strong communication skills.
Daily reports from Pixated ensured that we could see the direct impact of their impressive work from day one.


We dare to design and develop differently. Do you?

A responsive design means you affect instant impact, impress users, and position your brand in the strongest way possible. With our wide range of SEO optimisation and digital strategies working away in the background, your custom web design will captivate your audience, immersing them in what you do, and giving them the kind of intuitive user experience that makes navigation a doddle.

Whether you want your website to translate into more leads, better sales or increased traffic, you need a web design agency to create a website that does your brand justice and empowers you to surpass your business goals. Few web development companies have the capacity to actualise the vision you’ve been secretly nurturing since day one—but you’ve found one of them.

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Where’s next for your brand?

No matter where you are in your marketing journey, our dazzling team of specialists will keep you moving, show you how to grow, and help you actualise the vision you’ve always secretly had for your brand.

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