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Our Facebook ads strategies are geared toward conversions, CPA, ROAS—all the metrics that matter most to your brand. With a dedicated paid social agency by your side, you’ll soon see an increase in leads, sales and traffic

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What makes Facebook ads such a valuable marketing tool?

Instagram has 1 billion active users. Facebook has 2 billion. 2. Billion. That’s almost a third of the planet. And their parent company Meta holds more information about its users than any other company.

But with such an amazing platform comes unparallelled competition. Getting your social advertising right is a tricky and time-consuming process. You don’t want to go through all that and not enjoy some significant results. Luckily for our clients, our specialists create original campaigns designed with their goals in mind, and deliver tailor made advertising right to their audiences.

We are a Meta Business Partner, meaning we’ve demonstrated our ability to scale and fine-tune your Facebook ad campaigns, optimise your results, and maximise your ROI. As a recognised Facebook ads agency, we have exclusive access to Meta’s eCommerce resources, so you’ll always be one step ahead of trends and best practices, while benefiting from the latest insights into your customers’ behaviours.


Get ready to produce scroll-stopping Facebook ads

We will pinpoint your customers based on their behaviours, interests, activities, preferences—even their shopping habits. By creating, managing and tweaking your Facebook ads, our Facebook ads specialists will reduce your CPA, increase your ROI, and generate greater awareness about your brand.


With a campaign designed around your audience’s desires and demographics, we can precisely target the customers who matter most to you right now, define far more accurate marketing goals—and know when we’ve achieved them. Even if you don’t have this information to hand, no worries—our specialists can get it for you.


Our 5-steppixated process


By developing a bespoke strategy for your Facebook ads, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly how each campaign will run and, more importantly, how we’ll measure the results and assess its performance. You’ll always see exactly where your money’s going.


Our 5-steppixated process


As a paid social agency, we know how to tailor the ad to the company—not the other way round. By handling the headlines, copy, buttons and captions while running multiple versions of the same ad, you’ll quickly see which resonates most with your audience.


Our 5-steppixated process


We’ll monitor your campaign and fine-tune it to improve performance. As together we learn which ads are generating the most interest, we’ll focus your spend only on the most effective ads—and make a huge dent in your CPA.


Our 5-steppixated process


Our campaigns are always on, and we never stop optimising them toward the agreed KPIs and targets. But we’ll still book in regular chats with you to evaluate the ROI and continually lower your CPA, ensuring you’re consistently delighted with the results.


Our 5-steppixated process

Rest easy with a fully managed in-house service

From planning to launch, our paid social specialists will maximise the results of your campaigns by continually looking for new avenues of growth.

Data-driven campaigns

You’re not a fan of throwing money away—been there, done that, right? Us too. That’s why we’ll help you spot golden opportunities for growth, all by simply following the data.


Geared for your goals

Our campaigns aren’t cookiecutter, and your strategy won’t be either. We home in on your targets, and we’ll do everything we can to help you hit them.


No stone unturned

Thanks to our in-depth analysis, we’ve achieved a remarkable ROAS of 7.5 for our clients. That’s more than triple the industry average, and the least you can expect from our specialists.


Long-term growth

We constantly update our winning strategies so we can shift and pivot with your industry’s specific market shifts and algorithm changes. Get ahead of the curve—and stay there.


UGC your audience can’t look away from

User-generated content (UGC) is the most powerful social proof your brand can get—but getting it right is an art in itself. That’s where we come in.

Our bitesized shorts are specially designed to catch your audience mid-scroll, tempt them to find out what comes next, and turbocharge their engagement with your brand.

  • Reduce CPA
  • Boost ROAS
  • Lower CPC
  • Decrease CPM

Harness the power of your story—with scroll-stopping UGC

The magic of UGC is that it looks low-key. But appearing effortless takes effort—and a lot of skill.

What’s more, if you incorporate UGC into your social media campaign that doesn’t follow a punchy narrative, it might do more harm than good, sending your content plummeting down your audience’s feed.

With our high-quality UGC content aligned to your brand and business goals, show users your authentic side, demonstrate your values, and platform their fellow shoppers who already have faith in your brand.

Success pixatedstories

Our Facebook ads specialists are known not only among startups but also among established businesses looking for new avenues of growth. But don’t just take our word for it—see how our Facebook ads service has transformed leads, sales and traffic for a vast array of companies.

Trusted by ourpixated clients


Our tried-and-tested 5-step process to building Facebook ads has seen countless clients enjoy successful campaigns:

  1. Research: We pinpoint your target audience, explore your competitive landscape to understand how we can get you the results you need, then help define the goals you should aim for to achieve those results.
  2. Strategise: We create a custom strategy for your Facebook ads according to the goals we’ve decided on together.
  3. Create: Our in-house marketers structure your ads and more broadly your campaign, write your ad copy, and continually test and fix tracking issues.
  4. Optimise: We tweak your ads to maximise their performance, and you can get a snapshot of how they’re doing across all platforms in real time on our reporting dashboard.
  5. Review: We schedule frequent catchups to answer your questions, address any concerns you might have, and discuss next steps for your campaigns.

Your objectives for your Facebook ad campaigns will likely evolve as your business grows. To begin with, most campaigns centre around building brand awareness and acquiring new customers, before later focusing more on encouraging people to make a purchase or sign up to an event.

Absolutely! Facebook infers information about users’ interests and behaviours based on their activities on the platform, as well as on their Instagram and Messenger profiles and their engagement with sites in the Meta Audience Network. The latter enables businesses to extend their campaigns to boost their reach through high-quality apps.

Fresh creative isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have—at least, if you’re serious about rival brands in the incredibly competitive landscape of Facebook. A strong starting point is to change things up at least every 2–4 weeks, although if you can do so even more often then it’s worth considering.

Sure! Time-dependent Facebook ads can be seriously effective for getting seen by the right people at the right time. They also leverage scarcity and urgency, overtly signalling that users don’t have long to engage with your brand if they want to benefit from this limited or onetime offer.

There’s a myriad of ways to keep your Facebook ads fresh, appealing and competitive, including writing enticing CTAs, focusing on the right objective, utilising text overlays, refreshing your creative for relevance, and hooking your audience early with irresistible copy.

How we choose what metrics to prioritise for any given client’s Facebook ads depends on what they’re looking to achieve with their campaign. Broadly, though, these metrics can be categorised into three groups:

  1. Delivery: Impressions, frequency, CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions)
  2. Engagement: Clicks (link), post-engagement, CTR (clickthrough rate)
  3. Performance: Spend, results, cost per results, result rate (conversion rate), ROAS (return on ad spend)

But whatever metrics we focus on, we always confirm them with our client prior to creating their ads. That way everyone knows how to measure performance and what success looks like.

We use metrics agreed with our client beforehand so we all know ‘what good looks like’. We only use metrics that make sense and show real and tangible benefit, and compile these into regular reports to keep our client in the loop and demonstrate how we’ve been adapting their campaign in real time according to feedback.

Yes, but only with a lifetime budget. Ads can be scheduled to run on a specific day at a specific time, and must run for at least one hour.

Multilanguage ads can be created in Meta Ads Manager. Just remember that, for some objectives, only certain conversion locations support creating ads in multiple languages.

No—our UGC content creation is an add-on to whichever service plan you choose.

The first thing to understand about UGC is that the focus must always be your customers—even more than your product or service. We dig deep into the goals of your marketing campaign, then work with you to create content that makes your customers feel known by your company.

The best UGC videos look totally authentic, which is why we don’t use professional kit. Instead we hire awesome content creators whose profile will resonate with your target audience, and have them film a candid video, usually on a smartphone with a high-quality camera. Then we edit it so it looks and feels natural for the platform it will be posted on.

Absolutely—that’s vital. Optimising your UGC videos for your different social media platforms also involves selecting the best aspect ratio for each, producing them with no-sound viewers in mind, and using trending sounds to maximise their exposure. This all ensures your videos are eye-catching and impactful from the get-go, maximising your odds of capturing a user’s attention.

It takes us an average of 7–14 working days to film and edit a UGC video. But once we know what you’re after the length and complexity of the video we’ll be able to give you a more precise timeline.

We’ve helped a lot of businesses—but don’t just take our word for it

Our overall D2C sales have increased by 40%, yet our costs have decreased by 30%. Very impressed with the work Pixated have been doing behind the scenes to help us achieve that!
Pixated were hands-on and quick to respond. They communicated frequently and provided regular check-ins. I would definitely go back and use them again!
Pixated’s work has generated a big increase in our online conversions. We are particularly impressed with their professionalism and knowledge.
Pixated’s performance marketing support has led to a tenfold increase in business for our brand. The team have impressed us with their strong communication skills.
Daily reports from Pixated ensured that we could see the direct impact of their impressive work from day one.


A strong Facebook ads strategy is worth its weight in gold

Facebook is one of the best platforms for driving high-quality traffic to your website. And when your Facebook ads perform well, you massively boost brand awareness! That’s gotta be a win–win, right?

But you can’t just trust your Facebook ads with anyone—we get it. They’re personal. They’re the perfect way to bring your brand to life and show your audience some character, some personality. That’s why our Facebook ads agency is made up only of specialists who genuinely care about seeing brands do well, who love using their skills to generate fabulous growth for worthy businesses.

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Where’s next for your brand?

No matter where you are in your marketing journey, our dazzling team of specialists will keep you moving, show you how to grow, and help you actualise the vision you’ve always secretly had for your brand.

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