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Bloom and Wild

Geo Modified search strategy for Bloom and Wild
  • 90%

    increase in organic search

  • 122%

    increase in conversions

  • 59%

    decrease in CPA

  • 48%

    decrease in CPC

We helped Bloom and Wild generate more orders via their website through geo modified search strategy by setting up PPC campaigns to supplement the organic strategy.

  • According to research published in COVID-19 and E-Commerce: A Global Review, when lockdowns became the norm, businesses and consumers “went digital”, providing and purchasing more goods and services online, raising e-commerce’s share of global retail trade from 14% in 2019 to about 17% in 2020.
  • Bloom and Wild has always been ahead of the curve in their online presence, with their main focus being on an online flower delivery model from the very beginning. Gifting is one of the main ways of showing someone we care and so a company offering such a service was put in an advantageous position, over their rivals with physical stores.
  • They already had a robust organic search strategy in place, so we were called in to optimise their PPC campaigns to bring in a larger volume of orders, reduce their CPA and improve their quality scores.

Read on to find out how we helped Bloom and Wild reduce CPA, improve quality scores and increase orders online via PPC, all within six months!

The challenge

Bloom & Wild is a letterbox florist known for their stunning flowers and thoughtful marketing. A lot of the communication for the brand is around ‘caring wildly’. They have created a fantastic digital presence via their website, with a sound customer experience and a thoughtful after-sales journey.

They had some excellent foundations in place with their organic marketing strategy, and were looking to refine their PPC campaigns to complement what they were already doing. We began this work with an industry benchmark report, to see what others were doing in their space.

While most competitors were targeting generic flower delivery terms such as “online flower delivery” and “send flowers online”, we worked with Bloom and Wild to develop a geo modified search strategy instead.

The solution

Working with a brand which delivered excellence, and was memorable on first glance, thanks to its unique brand infrastructure, we were confident we could add value with their refreshed PPC campaigns.

For their Google PPC campaigns, we used geo modified search campaigns to drive relevant traffic to their website. Geo Modified searches include the city/neighbourhood in the search term itself to target the searcher’s area of interest. They explicitly state local intent for results related to a particular location e.g. “florist in west london” or “florist in camden”.

Through extensive keyword research, we identified 100+ terms with ample search volume and created highly optimised landing pages for each. This led to ranking first for 90% of the target search phrases within months and completely dominating the space!

We wanted to maximise the return from the exercise so we set up PPC campaigns to supplement the organic strategy, which resulted in a huge improvement in quality score and a reduction in CPA.

With Bloom & Wild maintaining a reliable service, they stand themselves in good stead against their other competitors with a strategy that captures search intent and region specific campaigns.


Over the course of just six months, our insights and efforts led to remarkable results for Bloom and Wild. We helped them distinguish themselves using PPC Campaigns for location-specific searches.

  • Our work contributed to a 90% organic search increase of target search phrases within just a couple of months of working together.
  • Overall, the success of the entire strategy was evident, thanks to the 122% increase in conversions via their website.
  • On the PPC side, CPA also decreased by 59% combined with a 48% decrease in CPC, allowing for Bloom and Wild to get more out of their marketing spend.
  • Conversions were also looking wildly healthy from PPC, with a 64% increase since our engagement.

This focused PPC strategy for Bloom and Wild has assisted them to proudly dominate the online-flower ordering space in mere months.

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