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Empress Mimi

Empress Mimi's revenue soared 89%! Catchy subjects, templates, and strategic tweaks. Read our case study for the full story!
  • 7.23%

    increase in overall email open rate

  • 17%

    increase in click rate

  • 89%

    increase in total revenue

We helped achieve an 89% boost in revenue for this lingerie company through email marketing

By streamlining email flows, optimising copy, and enhancing email design, we achieved remarkable results – significantly higher engagement, boosted sales, and reduced the number of unsubscribes. These changes didn’t just boost revenue; they also helped Empress Mimi become a stronger player in their industry, making them stand out in the market.

Channels and deliverables
  • Email marketing
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Email copy
  • Image & GIF Content creation
  • Email marketing management
  • 4 emails per month
  • SMS marketing support
The challenge
  • Over complicated email flows
  • There was a high level of email unsubscribers
  • They wanted to increase the level of sales made through email marketing
The solution/results
  • We streamlined all email flows, making them more specific and engaging for the customers and improvements were seen on all KPIs
  • Experimented with the email tag lines which increased the overall email open rate by 7.23%
  • Redesigned the look of the emails and introduced more CTAs and clickable links which increased click rate by 17% and Total revenue by 89%.
  • Targeted specific audiences with discounts, upsales and products which increased sales
  • Created more engaging email content with GIFs and new image designs which helped reduce the unsubscribe rate

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