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Real estate tech company experienced increased email open rates from 40% to 60%, 10% click rates, and an 18% surge in conversion rates.
  • 20%

    increase in email open rates

  • 10%

    increase in click rates

  • 18%

    increase in conversion rates

Unreserved, a real estate tech company, faced challenges in their email marketing, from a large unengaged audience and a lack of strategy, to inconsistent emails and poor visibility into audience preferences.

In response, our team devised a comprehensive solution. Our game plan was simple yet effective: a full-on email strategy and smart Mailchimp handling.

From refining content calendars to clear buyer-seller segmentation and automation implementation, the results were impressive—an increase in open rates from 40% to 60%, a 10% click rate, and an 18% surge in conversion rates. Now, let’s take a closer look at the specific tools and methods that contributed to achieving this success.

Channels and deliverables

  • Comprehensive email marketing strategy
  • Mailchimp account management
  • Audience segmentation
  • Automation mapping and setup
The challenge

In the ever-evolving world of real estate tech, Unreserved turned to us for help in tackling obstacles that were holding back their progress. Dealing with a large yet inactive database, a lack of clear strategy, inconsistent email outreach, and a limited view of essential data, Unreserved needed a game-changer. Our approach covered all bases – a robust email strategy paired with expert Mailchimp management:

  • Extensive yet inactive database: despite having a substantial database, Unreserved faced the issue of low engagement. We needed to ensure their database was active and engaging with the content that was being put out there.
  • Strategic ambiguity: without a roadmap, they struggled to make smart decisions and put effective strategies into action. This lack of direction showed that they needed a solid plan to steer their efforts and keep growing.
  • Inconsistent email deployment: Unreserved’s email strategy lacked consistency, akin to distributing event invitations where not everyone received the message. This inconsistency undermined their ability to maintain a cohesive communication plan.
  • Limited visibility into data: the previous system provided minimal visibility into contact data and engagement metrics. Leading the business to make decisions without the right data or insights, resulting in mistakes in the decision making process.
The solution

Facing challenges head-on, we devised a comprehensive solution to improve Unreserved’s email game. Our email plan was like a breath of fresh air, injecting new life into their communication. It wasn’t just about sending emails, it was about crafting messages that resonated with their audience.

  • All-in email plan: in tackling Unreserved’s communication challenges, we devised a comprehensive email strategy – an all-in plan. The focus was on injecting freshness into their emails, ensuring engagement and resonance with the audience.
  • Smart email schedule: we organised a tidy timetable for their emails. It went beyond just product updates; we sprinkled in some insightful content too. By adding engaging content to the mix, we made sure their audience stayed interested and connected. It wasn’t just about sending emails; it was about creating a conversation and showing Unreserved as a go-to source in the real estate tech world.
  • Precise buyer and seller segmentation: we simplified things for the business by sorting their audience into two clear groups: those looking to buy and those looking to sell. We recognised that potential buyers prefer visualising their future homes. So our email templates tailored for this group showcased enticing images of available properties. On the other hand, sellers were keen on understanding the value of their property, so we put that right in the spotlight for them.
  • Streamlined automations: leveraging automation, we streamlined processes for both buyers and sellers. This not only saved time but also ensured that interactions were timely, personalised, and aligned with Unreserved’s overall strategic objectives. This concerted effort not only streamlined internal operations but also played a pivotal role in positioning Unreserved as a leader in delivering enhanced, tailored services to its audience.

Our journey with Unreserved in revamping their email game has brought some good news. We didn’t just fix problems; we reshaped how they connect with people in the real estate tech world.

  • Improved open rates: the client experienced a noteworthy ascent in open rates, progressing from an already successful 40% to an impressive 60%, surpassing the industry average. This signifies a heightened level of audience engagement and interest.
  • Consistent click: maintaining a steady 10% click-through rate, placing them above the industry average for this sector, our strategies ensured sustained interaction and interest from the audience.
  • Way more people taking action: the best part is, 18% more people did something meaningful after reading the emails. It wasn’t just about reading; it was about turning interest into action.

These results underscore the impactful changes we brought about for Unreserved, strengthening their position in the real estate tech scene.

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