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The Gut Stuff

We did a website redesign and development - We were tasked with optimising the Shopify homepage and product pages.
  • 44%

    increase in purchases via Facebook

  • 43%

    increase in purchases via Google

  • 40%

    increase in overall D2C sales

  • 30%

    decrease in costs

We helped The Gut Stuff create a well-oiled sales machine using Google and Facebook ads, which led to a healthy 44% increase in purchases via Facebook and a 43% increase from Google Ads.

They are on a mission to empower and educate the nation on gut health. They partnered with Pixated to help with Google and Facebook ads. Having technical knowledge for website development was important because we were able to place up-to-date tracking and coding to minimise the effects of iOS14 and privacy updates.

Having previously worked with another agency, they were not satisfied with the results: They found that the conversions were low, and the sales were not coming in as quickly as they wanted them to. They were also seeing a high CPA and low ROAS. They needed a solution and we rose to this challenge with phenomenal results!

The brief

The Gut Stuff is a brand empowering the nation on knowledge about gut health. They sell a variety of items on their website, which includes learning materials, tracking diaries, to gut-loving snacks. They also have a B2B element where they go to educate workplaces around gut health and its link between the immune system and mental health.

The company came to us because they were disappointed with the CPAs and ROAS from previously run Facebook and PPC campaigns, which had failed to generate the level of sales they had projected.

We were excited with the prospect of turning their poorly performing media campaigns into an automated sales generating machine. As a specialist paid media agency, we devised a thorough strategy to target, track and retarget at the right touch points. We were also able to pull in insights from what didn’t work and deliver results that the client was really pleased with.

What we did

We did a website redesign and development – We were tasked with optimising the Shopify homepage and product pages. We also introduced customer reviews and made the checkout process a lot smoother in order to improve the user experience.

Alongside this, we reviewed the previous paid media campaigns and discovered that there was a need for a complete overhaul. We set up new funnels, selecting new keywords, generating fresh assets and targeting their brand personas as closely as possible. Their previous setup was not converting due to a poor campaign structure, resulting in unprofitable CPAs. We started off with extensive keyword and competitor analysis to identify the keywords that would generate the highest volume of conversions at the lowest CPAs.

For their PPC campaigns, we utilised Google Shopping to great effect – As most of their sales were being captured via this method. We quickly scaled on this to ensure they were not limited by budget to capture those all-so-important conversions. On facebook, to ensure we covered all bases, we targeted users based on interests and lookalike audiences, serving top-of-the-funnel, and then retargeting these users through various additional stages to help them along their sales funnel.

The results

Over the span of just six months, our paid media strategy and execution has generated excellent results for The Gut Stuff. Looking at the performance from the last half of 2021, and comparing that to the performance in the first half of 2022, they have found their overall D2C sales have increased 40%, and costs have decreased by 30%.

Restoring their faith in paid media, we are proud to present the results generated via Google and Facebook ads:

Facebook ads:

  • A healthy 30% decrease in CPA
  • An impressive 100% ROAS increase from Facebook
  • Client is thrilled with the 44% increase in purchases
  • 80% increase in conversion value

Google ads:

  • Astounding 117% decrease in CPA
  • 48% ROAS increase
  • 43% increase in purchases
  • 72% increase in conversion value

"Our overall D2C sales have increased by 40%, yet our costs have decreased by 30%. Very impressed with the work Pixated have been doing behind the scenes to help us achieve that!"

Jaimee Freeman

Head of Marketing, The Gut Stuff

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