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Smash every paid search target you’ve got

As a Google and Bing certified PPC agency, we’ll find the data that makes a difference to your brand—then use it to drive real, tangible growth.

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Running a successful PPC campaign can be a bit of a minefield

The PPC landscape is growing exponentially. There’s unparallelled potential in the information on offer—but how do you know when you’ve hit on the right data points?

That’s where we come in.

As a leading PPC agency, we find the data your brand actually needs, manage your campaigns, and take the nitty-gritty tasks off your hands. Our specialists work with you to design a robust, data-driven campaign strategy, then monitor, improve and scale your paid search performance.

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How we create successful PPC campaigns

Whether you started your business yesterday or you’ve been going for decades, PPC will turbocharge your brand awareness and give you an edge.

Of course, PPC must be done right to be effective. Our specialists get to know your brand, your business, and your competitive landscape.

We shape the PPC strategy around your marketing goals—not the other way round.


We practice due diligence in understanding your company’s specific goals, challenges and ambitions. Then we strategise around your brand, finding the data that’s going to count most in your campaigns.


Our 4-steppixated process


From the first ad right to the end of your sales funnel, we’re with you every step of the way, ensuring your customer journey is generating the results you need.


Our 4-steppixated process


With our proprietary testing framework, we’re forever on the lookout for new ways to drive costs down and profitability up. Our motto is ‘Test, test, and test again!’ (Does yelling something across the office once a week count as a motto?)


Our 4-steppixated process


We double down on our campaign successes post-launch. It’s not all about quick and easy wins—we’re hungry to take things to the next level for our PPC clients.


Our 4-steppixated process

Let us harness the power of search for your brand

Our specialists will deliver some quick and easy wins—we all love a little cause for celebration, right?—but they’ll be beavering away in the background to ensure sustainable long-term growth, too.

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Certified PPC specialists

Our team are more than just advertisers. They live and breathe PPC, and know exactly how to get the most out of your paid media campaigns.


Full-funnel management

Full-funnel marketing isn’t just another campaign strategy—it represents a shift in how marketing works full stop. As a PPC ads agency, we wield a vast range of marketing tools to boost the impact of your campaigns.


In-depth campaign research

PPC isn’t all about those big, glamorous wins at the end of a campaign—there’s a lot of spadework that goes on behind the scenes. Luckily, our specialists are dedicated to your cause. Let us get our hands dirty while you enjoy the fruits of our labour.


Dedicated account manager

Your point of contact will be responsible for implementing and managing your PPC strategy. They’ll know your brand like the back of their hand, and act as your first port of call no matter your query or concern.


We’re relentless in our quest for best-in-class PPC

Our high standards mean we’re continually improving as an SEM agency, no matter how big our wins.

What’s more, our specialists regularly peer-review one another’s work—and if a metric doesn’t look quite as expected, they take a deep dive to see what’s going on.

Success pixatedstories

Our PPC service is renowned not only among startups but also among established businesses who need a helping hand with their paid search strategies.

But don’t just take our word for it—see how our PPC agency services have transformed digital marketing for a vast array of companies.

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Naturally your ROAS will depend on a number of factors, not least your CPC, industry, competition, business type and market size. But what we can tell you is that our average ROAS for PPC across all clients is a whopping 6.5—and there’s no reason you can’t get in on the action!

Absolutely! Our specialists continually analyse your shopping feeds’ performance and implement data-driven adjustments accordingly, all while testing different strategies to maximise your results.

We’re proud to have worked with pretty much every type of company you can imagine, both in B2B and B2C. Our current happy clients in B2C span fashion, fitness, skincare, cosmetics, supplements, food and drink, and health and wellness, and in B2B span legal, SaaS, real estate and technology.

B2B brands need to be careful when considering the type of campaign that best aligns with their PPC strategy while accounting for their budget and resources. We recommend four campaign types for B2B brands:

  1. remarketing
  2. Performance Max
  3. standard search ads
  4. dynamic search ads

Together we can work out which will help you meet your business goals fastest and most effectively.

In our experience, there are three campaign types that work best for B2C brands:

  1. search
  2. shopping
  3. Performance Max

Working with our specialists, you can experiment with all three: search campaigns to boost your brand’s visibility among highly relevant leads, shopping campaigns to maximise your conversions, and Performance Max campaigns to expand your reach.

Our fees depend on your monthly ad spend. For ad spend up to £50,000 a month we have fixed pricing tiers, and for higher ad spend we charge a percentage of your monthly spend. What’s more, unlike most other agencies, we don’t charge a setup fee.

You can combine your PPC and SEO efforts to boost your chances of getting seen in the search engine results, because SEO is entirely organic. When the two approaches are used well together, you can enhance your brand’s online presence like never before.

We’ve helped a lot of businesses—but don’t just take our word for it

Our overall D2C sales have increased by 40%, yet our costs have decreased by 30%. Very impressed with the work Pixated have been doing behind the scenes to help us achieve that!
Pixated were hands-on and quick to respond. They communicated frequently and provided regular check-ins. I would definitely go back and use them again!
Pixated’s work has generated a big increase in our online conversions. We are particularly impressed with their professionalism and knowledge.
Pixated’s performance marketing support has led to a tenfold increase in business for our brand. The team have impressed us with their strong communication skills.
Daily reports from Pixated ensured that we could see the direct impact of their impressive work from day one.


Enjoy paid search campaigns tailormade for your brand

With our account management, reporting and performance analysis, we cover every aspect of your campaign, sure—but our main concern is always your ROI.

We know how to make your campaign a success, but we’re not stuck in our ways: we love to collaborate, melding your ideas with our innovations.

We work in agile sprints, but we’re flexible, too. Digital marketing is volatile and unpredictable, yet our specialists pivot at lightning speed so your campaigns stay on track and flourish.

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Where’s next for your brand?

No matter where you are in your marketing journey, our dazzling team of specialists will keep you moving, show you how to grow, and help you actualise the vision you’ve always secretly had for your brand.

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