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We partnered with Adecco Group to help them achieve a shout-worthy 61% increase from Google’s paid search enquiries, plus, 48% increase in enquiries organically.
  • 61%

    increase in PPC enquiries

  • 48%

    increase in organic traffic

  • 101%

    reduction in CPA

  • 54%

    increase in conversion rate

We partnered with Adecco Group to help them achieve a shout-worthy 61% increase from Google’s paid search enquiries, plus, 48% increase in enquiries organically.

  • The renowned human resources company, Adecco, had some work to do. They wanted to increase the number of enquiries from businesses looking for help with recruitment through their website.
  • They came to Pixated with lack of clarity around their SEO and Paid Search strategy.
  • Our goal was to increase their site visibility organically, so they could capture greater numbers in traffic, which would lead to organic enquiries.
  • Combining this with paid search ensured we positioned Adecco to increase conversions, rankings in SERPs and lower their CPA.

Find out how we helped Adecco improve their enquiries volume, gain visibility for relevant search terms organically, and boost PPC performance via an all-round PPC and SEO strategy.

The challenge

The Adecco Group, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is the world’s second largest Human Resources provider and temporary staffing firm, and a Fortune Global 500 company. They are passionate about helping people exceed their potential and specialise in matching people to opportunities across a wide range of office, industrial and service-sector occupations.

Adecco required a thorough SEO and PPC strategy to boost enquiries, reduce CPA and increase organic search visibility.

We identified areas of improvement for Adecco as follows:

  • Content on key service pages that had the potential to capture quality enquiries and drive sales needed optimising
  • They had lower organic search traffic due to poor visibility across major industry search terms in comparison to their competitors in the industry
  • On-page content architecture needing refining to help turn visitors into customers

Once identified, we got to work on keyword research as the layer to inform an enhanced SEO and PPC strategy which yields better results for years to come.

The solution

Conducting in-depth keyword research using Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush, we were able to create a keyword gap analysis and competitor audit as a basis for identifying a list of long-tail keyword variations of high-converting, low-competition keywords. This informed the SEO strategy to help improve the overall site visibility for crucial and relevant keyword insertion which resulted in a surge of organic traffic.

We worked closely with the client to ensure that all on-page content was upholding the brand ethos while serving SEO needs. To accelerate SEO visibility we also created optimised meta data for all key service pages on the site which would indicate to the search engine what the content on the page was, and boosts Adecco’s relevancy and positions in SERPs.

For the PPC campaigns, we conducted keyword research which focused on building segments to target key candidates and businesses. We complemented this with a focus on key locations to achieve tighter targeting, relevancy and quality scores. Additionally, when a single keyword ad group (SKAG) structure was applied, we were able to achieve a higher relevance between the keyword and ad copy, resulting in further improved targeting and lower CPCs.


The aim for Adecco Group was to increase the number of enquiries via SEO and PPC. By looking at high-converting, low-competition keywords, we were able to significantly improve their site visibility organically. For PPC, we were thrilled with the results of highly targeted segmented campaigns we built out. Together, our SEO and PPC strategy for Adecco allowed us to:

  • Increase new business enquiries by 61% from PPC campaigns.
  • An increase of 48% via organic traffic.
  • Reduce CPA by 101%.
  • Increase conversion rate by 54%.
  • Within 6 months of working with us, we saw a spectacular increase of 210% in organic traffic.

Adecco are now set up for success in years to come, with optimised SEO landing pages together with a robust PPC strategy that will form the foundation of bringing in quality leads time and time again, with taking very little future refining to keep their campaigns tidy and performing to their best potential. A groundwork for a great SEO and PPC strategy is informed via an in-depth keyword research analysis, and we further went to work with identifying long-tail keywords to ensure we maximised opportunities via search intent.

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