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We helped Boden generate a lucrative 31% increase in online sales via their website through paid social and targeted PPC campaigns.
  • 31%

    increase in sales

  • 479%

    increase in paid traffic

  • 45%

    increase in Facebook ROAS

  • 78%

    increase in PPC ROAS

We helped Boden generate a lucrative 31% increase in online sales via their website through paid social and targeted PPC campaigns.

  • Boden realised that they had room for some serious growth with the right support on their Facebook advertising and PPC strategy and implementation. They were struggling with poor paid media performance, and needed a steer in the right direction to improve their conversions and get more out of their marketing spend.
  • Boden had a paid media strategy in place, which needed some serious refining. They struggled with low ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and high CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).
  • We were put right in our element and quickly implemented a robust paid media strategy that satisfied top-of-the-funnel capture first, then used retargeting and end-to-end paid media strategy to serve the middle and bottom of the funnel, resulting in a 31% increase in conversions for Boden.

Read on to find out how we helped Boden increase website traffic, reduce CPA, and drastically improve ROAS across paid social and PPC!

The challenge

Upmarket fashion retailer, Boden, is an online brand selling well made, individual clothing for men, women, and children. Consumers can shop online or order their colourful catalogue. They have a clear marketing vision: They strive to build amazing customer experiences; grow reach in targeted international markets; and shape the Boden of tomorrow.

Traditionally a mail order operation, Boden has continued to build on their digital presence since 1999, with astounding results early on through their online channels. Recently, they identified their shortcomings in paid media strategy and activation and instructed us to step in.

The potential of a full sales-funnel strategy using paid media is realised only by a handful of companies – but we understand once you install a multi-channel strategy where users are brought in at the top of the funnel, reserved with relevant content in the middle and bottom, you will naturally see an increase in conversions. This is exactly what happened for Boden.

The solution

For Boden, we implemented Google shopping campaigns for increased traffic and with the aim of purchases. These shopping campaigns were built out in segments by gender, product type and product value. Next, product bids were set based on the product pricing and conversion rate to ensure we achieved the highest possible ROAS for them.

We supplemented this with a DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaign which acted as a catch-all campaign which not only generated conversions but also provided additional keyword data that could be used to further optimise and improve our keyword strategy.

Facebook ads were used to create and serve the top of the funnel, using interests and lookalike audiences. We tested these using standard past purchaser data as well as value-based lookalike audiences to reach higher spenders. A 3-step remarketing funnel helped us to retarget users with various messages at each stage of the sales funnel.

The middle of the funnel was served with conversion campaigns, whereas the bottom of the funnel used dynamic product ads. To complement all of this, we ensured we installed a cross-sell and upsell funnel for repeat purchases.

This full-funnel serving paid media strategy, complemented by their current brand standing, means they were able to unlock a new potential with the support of retargeting in such a rigorous manner.


We’re not one to toot our own horn, but we can’t help it in the case of Boden. These astounding results will ensure Boden are not missing out on key sales from their paid media campaigns.

  • Our work contributed to a 31% increase in sales from their website
  • The implementation of our paid media strategy resulted in a staggering 479% increase in paid traffic!
  • As mentioned, ROAS was a major concern, and we managed to increase this by 45% on their Facebook campaigns and by 78% from their PPC advertising campaigns.
  • Their CPA had some room for improvement too and we’re proud to report a decrease of 39% on Facebook 81% from PPC campaigns!

This targeted paid media strategy, served across PPC and Facebook ads served the fashion retailer, Boden, very well, and helped them realise a new potential for online sales.

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