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DG Corporate

We helped LinkedIn headshot photographers, DG Corporate, develop and implement a solid PPC and organic strategy, with impressive results.
  • 139%

    increase in PPC traffic

  • 184%

    increase in website leads

  • 92%

    increase in organic web traffic

  • 77%

    increase in website engagement

We helped LinkedIn headshot providers, DG Corporate, develop and implement a solid paid and organic strategy, with impressive results.

  • DG Corporate came to us haemorrhaging cash on ineffective Google Ads campaigns and with a lack of both visibility and leads
  • We helped the brand devise, implement, and manage high-performing SEO and PPC strategies
  • The brand is now enjoying more web traffic and leads than ever before

Read on to find out how we helped this talented photography studio build their online presence and market their brand smarter, not harder.

The challenge

DG Corporate provides modern, fresh, and approachable headshots for LinkedIn users.

The brand came to us with a poorly performing SEO strategy and a history of underwhelming results from their PPC campaigns. We were tasked with helping them grow and enhance their online presence through website development and online marketing.

The solution

Focusing on the development of a solid and future-proofed PPC strategy for the brand, we placed an emphasis on long-tail keywords in order to increase CTRs and ad relevance, alongside reducing budget wastage.

We then implemented a Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) structure, allowing us to generate relevant traffic lower down the funnel.

As DG Corporate work from a studio in central London, it was also vital that PPC campaigns were localised to target web users searching for relevant keywords.

Over a three month period, we collected data on the best performing keywords, allowing us to start updating the website’s content, meta tags, and other on-page elements to vastly improve the site’s organic visibility.

Finally, Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and Responsive Search Ads (RSA) were implemented to further increase CTRs and conversions.


Working in close collaboration with DG Corporate and providing regular reports that tracked our amazing results, our work with the brand directly led to:

  • A 139% increase in PPC traffic
  • An increase in organic web traffic of 92%
  • An improvement in website leads by a stunning 184%
  • A remarkable jump in lead to booking rates
  • A satisfying 25% decrease in website bounce rate
  • A 77% increase in website engagement

Overall, the brand enjoyed an impressive 70% improvement across all elements of their digital marketing strategy.

“Pixated provided a detailed plan of action and delivered impressive results in an efficient, timely manner. Their work allowed us to focus on our central business operations and the team was extremely helpful and impressive.”

Doren Gabriel


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