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We helped Your Lawyers generate more than 21,150 high quality leads, over a period of 6 months, using a performance marketing strategy with a jaw-dropping 42% lead to conversion rate.
  • 19.17%

    Google Ads Conversion rate

  • 12%

    Facebook Ads Conversion rate

  • 42%

    lead to conversion rate overall

We helped Your Lawyers generate more than 21,150 high quality leads, over a period of 6 months, using a performance marketing strategy with a jaw-dropping 42% lead to conversion rate.

  • In a notoriously competitive market, like many other law firms, it was no surprise that Your Lawyers were struggling with not just low levels of leads, but also low quality leads. They came to us with a requirement of an increased volume of leads for their group action cases.
  • Having already tried PPC and Facebook ads, they were sceptical of being able to achieve profitable CPAs. With our competency, breadth-of-knowledge and efficiency, we ensured we exceeded expectations.
  • Rising to the challenge, we devised and implemented a thorough end-to-end paid performance marketing strategy, using key insights from past campaigns, with renewed intelligent insights, setting them up for capturing more leads on their present and future campaigns.

Read on to find out how we helped Your Lawyers get a huge volume of leads with an exceptionally high lead to conversion rate, in just six months!

The brief

Your Lawyers is a consumer action law firm specialising in consumer action claims and group litigation actions.

The company was disappointed with the CPAs on previously run Facebook and PPC campaigns, which had failed to generate a significant level of leads.

The leads they did generate were of a poor quality too, so they came to us – a specialist paid media agency – to tackle these key challenges. Our strategy was to cover all bases of the lead generation funnel, draw on industry insights and deliver results that surpassed their expectations.

The solution

Examining the brand’s previous campaign strategy, we quickly discovered that the leads generated were not converting due to poor keyword choices, resulting in unprofitable CPAs. We went back to the foundations of the campaigns, and executed extensive keyword and competitor research to identify the keywords that would generate the highest volume of conversions at the lowest CPAs.

For their Google PPC Campaigns, we used search campaigns to drive relevant traffic to their website basing these on search intent, whilst Dynamic Search Ads were used as a catch-all to help uncover additional profitable search terms to target in months to come.

Simultaneously, we ran Facebook ads to support lead generation and drive users in at the top of the sales funnel, and used remarketing campaigns to nurture any non-converters further down the funnel, until they were ready to submit their details.

In a bid to ensure no stone was left unturned, we initiated a 3-step Facebook funnel, so we could target users based on interests and lookalike audiences, serving top-of-the-funnel, and then retargeting these users through two additional stages based on how they interacted with the business in the past.


Over the course of just six months, our insights and efforts led to remarkable results for Your Lawyers. We helped them carve out a profitable market share within this fiercely competitive market.

  • An astounding 21,150 high-quality leads generated via paid media campaigns
  • CPA on Google Ads reduced to £8.54
  • CPA on Facebook ads at a healthy £10.15
  • Better-than-average industry conversion rates across both mediums:
    • Google Ads Conversion rate at 19.17%
    • Facebook Ads Conversion rate at 11.98%
  • With a phenomenal 42% lead to conversion rate overall!

With the help of our brilliant team here at Pixated, Your Lawyers have been set up for future success. With results this good, they now have amazing traction and a generous market share of leads generated online, with an enviable lead to conversion rate.

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