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Discover how we helped The Telegraph grow their mobile app user base and create high-performing paid ad campaigns across multiple platforms.
  • 1011%

    increase in app downloads

  • 64%

    reduction in Facebook ads CPA

  • 88%

    reduction in Google UAC CPA

  • 215%

    increase in paid subscriptions

We helped The Telegraph online grow their mobile app use base and create high-performing performance marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.

  • The Telegraph online were experiencing disappointing results from their paid advertising app download campaigns, with high CPAs and low ROAS
  • We helped the brand develop strong and successful new campaigns across Facebook, Google and the Apple Store
  • Results were consistently impressive, improving key metrics across the board

Read on to find out how we helped a British publishing institution, enjoyed by millions of global readers, achieve an increase in app downloads of over 1,000%!

The challenge

The Daily Telegraph (or Telegraph online) is a well-established and respected British daily broadsheet newspaper, published in London by Telegraph Media Group and read both nationally and internationally by millions.

The newspaper’s app provides on-demand access to its award-winning journalism, hosting a constantly updated bank of stories that keep users abreast of the issues they care about.

The Telegraph came to us after consistently seeing disappointing results from the app download campaigns on their mobile app, with high CPAs and low ROAS, making their efforts unsustainable.

We were tasked with improving key metrics across Facebook ads, along with implementing high-performing Google and Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaigns.

The solution

We started out by undertaking an audit of The Telegraph’s full portfolio of paid media accounts, in order to ascertain which ads were working well, and which were underperforming.

Armed with this data, which told us that the highest volume and lowest CPA came from Facebook advertising, we created lookalike audiences of the best converting segments which were targeted using the highest converting sets of ads in the ad account.

We then created a new Google Universal App Campaign (UAC) designed to generate downloads at the lowest possible CPA and carried out extensive, intelligent keyword research and analysis to discover the best converting keywords within the ASA campaign (pausing all low or non-converting keywords to allocate all available spend on the best performers).

At the close of month one, we had enough in-app data to carefully craft new Facebook, Google UAC, and ASA campaigns to drive in-app conversions like paid sign ups, introducing these alongside the original campaigns.

Finally, we retargeted users based on the data we gathered on their engagement across all channels, with a view to increasing paid subscriptions in the future.


While our collaboration with The Telegraph is long-term, the first three months of the project saw impressive improvements that included:

  • An increase of an astounding 1,011% in app downloads
  • A reduction in Facebook ads CPA by 64%
  • A reduction in Google UAC CPA by 88%
  • A reduction in ASA CPA by 40%
  • A 215% increase in paid subscriptions

Across the board, we were thrilled to help this British institution achieve a staggering 7x ROAS over the course of just three months.

We were delighted to help The Telegraph move with the times, placing their app firmly on the map!

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