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Social-first videos your audience simply can’t look away from

Video content is the single most powerful way to capture users’ attention. And with social-first video content, we’ll package what makes your brand awesome into bitesized shorts that pack a punch and send your engagement skyrocketing.

Lots of businesses shoot reels of epic, blockbuster-esque content—then have to chop it up into clunky, awkward chunks for their socials. The visuals are amazing, sure, but something feels off: it hasn’t been produced with social front-of-mind. And that matters. A lot.

Different social platforms use different algorithms. And when your videos are cut up and don’t follow a punchy narrative, they plummet down your audience’s feed. That’s what makes us different.

Our team produces videos that stop users mid-scroll, tempting them to find out what happens next. And we’re not just a video production company, either—we manage paid and organic social campaigns, too, so we have thousands of data points on what works, and what doesn’t. That means we create content that’s backed by data and research. There’s zero time wasted, and every moment maximises your content’s value. Prepare for engagement metrics that are off the chart.

Let us harness the power of your story

Our bespoke video production service draws on what makes your brand characterful and unique. Then we channel that personality into eye-catching short videos, specially designed to tickle the algorithms and elbow their way to the top of the feed. More than anything, we’ll tease out the crux of your brand’s story, and shape expertly produced social-first video content around who you really are, what makes you different, and why you’re the natural choice for your prospects.

Our 5-step process to producing your showstopping social-first video


To kick things off, we’ll sit down to discuss the details of your project: your business, your target audience, and your objectives. Then we’ll pull together a comprehensive brief for our video production team.


Our creative team will devise a strategy for your video content, ideating a concept before storyboarding and scripting around it. Then we’ll head to the filming location, and map out the equipment we’ll need to produce the highest-quality video possible.


It’s time to shoot! We’ll arrive on set with our cameras, lights and recording equipment, primed to produce the perfect content according to our in-depth storyboarding process.


This is when it gets seriously exciting, the day it all comes together. With our vast range of choices for VoiceOver, sound design, editing styles, animation, motion graphics and colour grading, behold!—your video comes to life, right at our fingertips.


Using our collaborative editing platform, at the click of a button you can comment on the video at exact timestamps, letting us know how you want us to rework the content to capture your vision and convey your message as only you know how.

What we’ll deliver

Capturing the essence of what you do






Green-screen technology





Client Case Studies

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Our video production service has helped heaps of forward-thinking businesses surge to the top of their audiences’ feeds. Our snappy, head-turning video content is known for transforming conversion rates and user engagement—but hey, don’t just take our word for it!

We’re a trusted growth partner


Realise your vision—and show it to the people who matter

The race to the top of the feed is tough. But with high-quality video content, you have the single most effective weapon you’ll ever need in your arsenal.

Social-first video generates motion and emotion. It intrigues, it enthrals—and it converts. Our video content boosts your engagement, gets your product or service front-of-mind, and encapsulates what makes your brand stand head and shoulders above the rest. We’re ready to capture the essence of what you do, bottle it, and pour it into inspirational videos that will leave your audience thirsty for more. Are you?