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OFH Care

We wanted to increase the number of quality leads by 20-30% YoY for OFH Care through effective Performance Max lead gen campaigns.
  • 63.6%

    YoY increase in quality leads

  • 117%

    increase in the conversion rate

  • 16%

    greater exposure in search impression share

OFH Care sought our expertise to increase their exposure and generate quality leads in a highly competitive care sector.

OFH Care needed us to improve not only the quantity of leads they were receiving but also the quality. Historically, the primary challenge has been enhancing lead quality rather than simply increasing the volume.

The challenge

Operating in the care sector, OFH Care needed to enhance its visibility and attract potential clients looking for mental capacity assessments and case management services. The key challenges included increasing overall exposure, generating a stable and increasing stream of quality leads, and doing so in a cost-effective manner.

The solution

To address OFH Care’s challenges, we implemented a comprehensive Performance Max lead generation campaign supported with Brand search.

Our approach included:

Performance max lead gen campaign: We utilised a variety of high-quality assets including YouTube videos, images, and text to create a robust asset library.

Quality signal research and implementation: By leveraging first-party data, we provided Google with detailed insights to identify and target high-quality leads.

Custom scripts for traffic analysis: Continuous analysis and improvement of traffic quality ensured that only the most relevant leads were targeted.

Regular updates of first-party data: By maintaining and updating customer lists, we ensured the campaign stayed aligned with the latest data.

Channel traffic analysis: We regularly analysed channel traffic within Performance Max to maintain a balanced approach and ensure optimal performance.

Asset testing and updates: Assets were constantly tested and updated to align with the most effective converting personas.

Non-brand traffic focus: The campaign was focused on non-brand traffic to drive growth beyond existing brand awareness.

Landing page optimisation: Regular updates to landing pages ensured an excellent user experience and conversion rate optimisation (UX/CRO).

New website development: With a new website in the making, there was a significant potential for growth.


Our efforts resulted in YoY increase in quality leads of 63.6% which was great to see. We saw additional improvements in the conversion rate of 117%. Greater exposure in search impression share by 16% while average spend reduced by 5.6%.

Our targeted Performance Max campaign significantly boosted OFH Care’s lead generation efforts, surpassing their goals in a competitive market. By combining quality assets, leveraging first-party data, and continuously optimising our strategy, we ensured a steady stream of high-quality leads at an optimal cost. Our ongoing collaboration aims to sustain and enhance these results, supporting OFH Care’s mission in the care sector.

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