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Mogu case study

A simply stylish web design for a brand with a complex proposition

When Mogu needed a better website for their ingenious WiFi system, we were on hand to create something practical and eye-catching.

  • Mogu are a young brand with a unique and complex offering
  • We designed a visually stunning, high-performing website for the company that looked great and provided a seamless user experience
  • Mogu can now easily update and edit their site in-house, which is also fully optimised for visibility

Read on to discover how we used great design and clever development to help this emerging brand build a website that delivered complex information with clarity.

The Brief

Mogu has developed a new WiFi system, linked to a global distributed server network, that allows users to earn rewards for tasks requested by enterprise clients. This innovative brand transforms data into knowledge, rewards users for volunteer computing, and keeps home networks secure. Their motto? As everyone uses the cloud, everyone can help power it.

The company approached us for web design and development, with elements of graphic design, requesting an eye-catching look with simple custom illustrations that explained the USPs of their innovative system. As the site would be used for their Initial Coin Offering (ICO), it also needed to be optimised for conversions.

What We Did

For this complex product, we knew we had to create a clean and clear design that allowed visitors to instantly grasp the proposition. Because of this, we worked closely with a team of skilled copywriters to ensure that the right features were highlighted in the design, creating a page hierarchy based on our findings, which was later developed into a wireframe.

Our web design process for the project was comprehensive and thoughtful. It started with the creation of design mockups which, after approval, were developed into HTMLs. All third-party platforms were then integrated and tested thoroughly in a controlled environment before the site was moved to the live server, hidden by a holding page, and rigorously tested a final time, before being launched.

Mogu’s fantastic new site was also:

  • Designed and developed on WordPress, integrating a custom page editor, allowing internal teams to update and manage content easily
  • Developed with secure third-party apps to enable seamless integrations with marketing tools
  • Built with custom apps and code created to integrate fully with internal business systems
  • Fully optimised for all-important faster page load speeds and an ideal user experience

The Results

Our collaboration with Mogu resulted in the design and build of a stunning new website that quickly became the calling card of a growing brand.

The site was great-looking and easy to use. It also clearly explained the brand’s proposition, defined their USPs, and delivered key information in an accessible yet engaging way.

The site reached its ICO goal within a week of launch and is now regularly updated and edited by internal teams with no issues encountered.

Mogu’s site also syncs data seamlessly with business systems, removing headaches for a busy team.


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