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We achieved a 227% increase in sales for Citron by implementing a comprehensive full-funnel PPC and Meta ads strategy.
  • 227%

    increase in sales

  • 138%

    increase in revenue

  • 50M+

    impressions generated from Meta ads

Citron sought our expertise to navigate the challenges of advertising in a market where traditional e-commerce methods, like the Google Shopping network, are less prominent.

Citron aimed to boost their monthly revenue while maintaining a ROAS target of greater than 5. With a loyal customer base and a diverse product range including lunch boxes, backpacks, water bottles, and homeware items, Citron turned to us for our expertise to meet these goals.

Read on to discover how we helped Citron reduce CPA, improve quality scores, and increase online orders through Google Ads.

The challenge

Citron, a brand dedicated to providing stylish and practical accessories for kids and mums, approached us with the challenge of advertising their e-commerce products in a market where traditional methods, such as the Google Shopping network, are less prominent compared to larger markets. Their goals were clear: increase monthly revenue while maintaining a ROAS target of greater than 5.

Citron has always been ahead of the curve in offering stylish and practical school and home accessories for kids and mums. With a product range that includes lunch boxes, backpacks, water bottles, and a wide selection of homeware items, they were already a favourite among their target audience.

The solution

To tackle Citron’s advertising challenges, we implemented a comprehensive full-funnel PPC strategy that targeted various aspects of their online presence:

Performance max (excluding brand): We leveraged a wide range of assets, excluding a shopping feed, to maximise campaign performance across multiple channels. This allowed us to effectively target and engage potential customers wherever they were in the digital space.

Brand standard shopping: By capturing all branded shopping traffic, we capitalised on existing customer interest, ensuring that Citron’s products were prominently displayed to users actively searching for them.

Brand search campaign: We focused on targeting all existing and new Google search brand traffic to protect and promote Citron’s brand presence. This strategy ensured that any search related to Citron would lead directly to their offerings, maintaining brand visibility and authority.

Remarketing: To re-engage potential customers who had not yet converted, we implemented a robust remarketing campaign.

These strategies combined to create a powerful and cohesive PPC approach that addressed Citron’s unique market challenges and drove significant growth in their online sales and revenue.


Over just a few months, our strategic efforts yielded outstanding results for Citron. By implementing a tailored approach, we helped them achieve remarkable growth and efficiency in their digital marketing.

Our strategy led to a 227% increase in sales, significantly boosting their overall revenue by 138%. We not only exceeded the ROAS target but also optimised the cost per interaction, with an average CPI of $0.70 and an average CPC of $0.08.

Our performance-driven campaigns generated over 50 million impressions from Meta ads, achieving a highly efficient CPM of $0.61. These impressive metrics underscore the success of our focused approach, positioning Citron as a leading player in the DTC kids’ school accessories and homeware market.

Our comprehensive approach and strategic use of Google Ads have significantly boosted Citron’s sales and revenue while maintaining a strong ROAS. By leveraging performance max campaigns, brand protection strategies, and effective remarketing, we helped Citron achieve their goals in a competitive market. Our continued collaboration aims to sustain and build on this success, ensuring Citron remains a top choice for practical and stylish accessories for kids and mums.

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